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The Rug Man Adelaide
Rug cleaning Adelaide

Rug cleaning Adelaide



Professional Rug Cleaning 

The Rug Man Adelaide is a Fully Trained Rug Cleaning Technician for wool, cotton, silk, oriental, Persian, Natural Fibre, wall hangings, water damaged rugs and many more.


Rug cleaning is an art and should only be attempted by someone who is fully trained and has thorough knowledge of what they are cleaning. 




The Rug Man Adelaide will treat your rugs with the utmost care from pickup to delivery and yes, we do know a thing or two about rugs ! You will be pleased to know The Rug Man Adelaide uses only the finest products available with attention to detail.


Our Rug Cleaning process

Your rug undergoes a thorough inspection prior to any cleaning noting any areas that may need special attention or have pre existing conditions. One of the most important checks is a colourfast check as this determines the most suitable cleaning method and products that suit your rugs dyes and fibres and most importantly the way it has been made.


As well as thorough vacuuming we also use gentle harmonic vibrations to help remove more of the fine soiling that will be held deep in the base of your rug.


Rug Cleaning

Your rug is now finally ready for cleaning with specialised professional rug cleaning products formulated to gently deep clean your rug leaving the fibres soft and residue free.


Rug Drying

Your rugs are expertly dried with our unique temperature controlled continuous airflow drying system. 


Final Rug Inspection

After the final inspection we will call you to confirm completion and arrange a time and day that suits you to relay your rugs just how you want them.


We will also explain some tips on maintaining your rugs too.


As a courtesy we will call you several days after delivery to make sure you are happy with the quality of clean and our service as we want you to be delighted and recommend us to your family and friends.