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The Rug Man Adelaide
The Rug Man Adelaide

One of Adelaide’s most experienced
cleaning technicians since 1984

The Rug Man Adelaide

One of Adelaide’s most experienced
cleaning technicians since 1984

Professional Carpet, Upholstery and Rug cleaning in Adelaide



Rug Cleaning Adelaide- Carpet Cleaning Adelaide- Upholstery Cleaning Adelaide

We Love Cleaning-That’s What We Do Best

Yes we clean them all


Wool, cotton, silk, oriental, Persian, jute, antique and modern, floor rugs, wall hangings, tapestries and fine fabrics.
If you love your rugs, carpet and upholstery rely on us to look after them.


The Rug Man Adelaide knows how to get the best results with attention to detail, excellent workmanship, honest, reliable and takes pride in all work.


Rug Cleaning Adelaide, Carpet Cleaning Adelaide, Upholstery Cleaning Adelaide.






What Makes Us Unique



Free pickup and delivery in metro area


Quality cleaning by a Certified Rug Technician


We care for your rugs and treat them as though they are our own


Only the Highest quality products are used


Speak directly with the person who will be cleaning your rugs


Free advice is just a phone call away





Carpet cleaning Adelaide


Carpet cleaning Adelaide

The Rug Man Adelaide is a fully Trained and Accredited carpet cleaning Technician, cleaning all fibres including wool, blends...



Rug cleaning Adelaide


Rug cleaning Adelaide

Rug cleaning is an art and should only be attempted by someone who is fully trained and has thorough knowledge...



Upholstery cleaning Adelaide


Upholstery cleaning Adelaide

With so many different fibres used for furniture you’ll be pleased to know that The Rug Man is fully trained to clean them all.







Fully Trained and Accredited


With over 30 years experience The Rug Man Adelaide has cleaned thousands of rugs and made our customers very happy.


Fully Trained and Accredited

You will be happy to know that The Rug Man Adelaide is Fully Trained and Accredited in all aspects of Rug Cleaning, Carpet Cleaning, Upholstery Cleaning and Fabric Cleaning. 



Stress Free Cleaning

We understand that your busy juggling life, work and family so we make cleaning a stress-free experience.
Speak directly with the person who will be cleaning your rugs, your initial phone call to us is important.
Arrange a convenient day and time that suits your busy schedule where we will always arrive on time. While explaining the cleaning process to you we will do a thorough inspection and answer any questions you may have.


You will be given a firm quote and if you are happy to proceed we can pick up your rug to start our Professional Rug Cleaning Process.
Don’t worry well help move your furniture that’s all part of our service, we will also help you put it back again when we return your freshly cleaned rug.
Rug Cleaning Adelaide, Carpet Cleaning Adelaide, Upholstery Cleaning Adelaide


The Rug Man Adelaide is dedicated to making sure your Rugs, Carpet and Upholstery are Professionally Clean, Fresh and Healthy.

The Rug Man Adelaide fully guarantees all work and wants you to be 100% happy


Have Your Cleaning Questions Answered Today Call The Rug Man Adelaide now 0411 474 126 
10 Tips for Keeping your Carpet or Rugs Looking Great


Just like other flooring in your home, carpet and rugs also need proper attention to stay looking their best. Cleaning your rugs and carpet regularly and addressing spills and stains in a timely manner will go a long way toward keeping them in great shape and extend their life.



1. Spot clean spills the moment they happen so they don’t set. Stains are much easier to remove while they are still fresh. You can simply call us if you need some help over the phone or would like us to come out and attend for you.


2. Check to see if the spill has run into the flooring under rugs, if so simply place a White towel underneath to absorb any moisture or move it to a hard surface.


3. Gently remove any spilled solids from carpet and rugs or fabric. Please be gentle as you don’t want to smear the stain or drive it further into the fibres where it could be difficult to remove.


4. Absorb wet stains by laying a White towel over them. Please remember that coloured towels or cloths may transfer amounts of colour onto the fibres underneath.


5. Always blot spills. Never rub or scrub a stain as this can cause irreversible damage and make it bigger and harder to remove. Rubbing may also permanently damage the pile.

6. Placing a clean dry White towel over a spill will also help absorb any moisture left after the spot cleaning treatment.


7. Vacuum regularly especially in high traffic areas such as entrance, doorways and hallways. Doing this simple task will help keep dirt and dust from being ground into the fibres and rugs and carpet will last so much longer. Don’t forget to vacuum your furniture too.


8. While there are many different spot cleaners on the market Not all of them are good for your carpet, rugs or furnishings. Some may even remove colour. Ask us for some advice its free.


9. Place furniture cups or felt under legs to help stop compression marks or indents in your carpet and rugs.


10. Regularly rotate rugs so that the wear is distributed evenly across the rug. To make this easy easier we suggest you simply fold each end of the rug toward the middle, rotate and lay flat again.




Please call us Anytime for help or advice on the best products to use. 0411 474 126