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the rug man carpet cleaning

    Professional Rug Cleaning Specialist Adelaide

    Rug Cleaning Adelaide- Carpet Cleaning Adelaide- Upholstery Cleaning Adelaide 

    the rug man carpet

    Carpet cleaning Adelaide

    Remember what your carpet used to look like when it was new ?

    The Rug Man Adelaide is a fully Trained and Accredited carpet cleaning Technician, cleaning all fibres including wool, blends, synthetic and more.

    Stress Free cleaning

    Carpet cleaning should be a stress free experience. 

    We don't expect you to move everything before we come to clean, leave that to us. We will move furniture with care in an orderly fashion so as to cause the least amount of inconvenience to you. Please remember though that we may not be able to physically move some heavy items as this may cause injury.
    Carpet cleaning Adelaide


    With over 30 years experience we have cleaned thousands of carpets and made our customers very happy indeed. In fact, most of our business over the years has been from customer referrals which makes us very happy too ! 

    Our Cleaning Process

    Once you have decided on a time and day that suits your schedule we will arrive promptly on time. Be neat and tidy, inspect the areas to be cleaned, give you a firm price and explain the cleaning process and the expected drying time for your carpet. Carpet cleaning Adelaide.

    Vacuuming is one of the most important steps

    Vacuum with a motorised power head and Cyclonic Hepa filtration cleaning edges and corners.

    Carpet Cleaning Products...there is a difference ! 

    Apply Specialised cleaning products using the very latest Technology to suit your carpet and the type of soiling. Then we start our cleaning process bringing your carpet back to life. Your carpet is then groomed to improve overall appearance and to help speed up the drying process.

    Your carpet should be clean, fresh, and soft with that new look.

    You will be able to enjoy your freshly cleaned rooms straight away as they should be dry in approx 1 hour.

    Carpet cleaning Adelaide


    the rug man rug

    Rug cleaning Adelaide

    The Rug Man Adelaide is a Fully Trained Rug Cleaning Technician for wool, cotton, silk, oriental, Persian, Natural Fibre, wall hangings, water damaged rugs and many more.

    Rug cleaning is an art and should only be attempted by someone who is fully trained and has thorough knowledge of what they are cleaning. 

    The Rug Man Adelaide will treat your rugs with the utmost care from pickup to delivery and yes, we do know a thing or two about rugs ! You will be pleased to know The Rug Man Adelaide uses only the finest products available with attention to detail. Rug cleaning Adelaide

    Our Rug Cleaning process
    Your rug undergoes a thorough inspection prior to any cleaning noting any areas that may need special attention or have pre existing conditions. One of the most important checks is a colourfast check as this determines the most suitable cleaning method and products that suit your rugs dyes and fibres and most importantly the way it has been made.
    As well as thorough vacuuming we also use gentle harmonic vibrations to help remove more of the fine soiling that will be held deep in the base of your rug.

    Your rug is now finally ready for cleaning with specialised professional rug cleaning products formulated to gently deep clean your rug leaving the fibres soft and residue free.

    Your rugs are expertly dried with our unique temperature controlled continuous airflow drying system.

    Final Inspection
    After the final inspection we will call you to confirm completion and arrange a time and day that suits you to relay your rugs just how you want them.

    We will also explain some tips on maintaining your rugs too.

    As a courtesy we will call you several days after delivery to make sure you are happy with the quality of clean and our service as we want you to be delighted and recommend us to your family and friends. 

    Rug cleaning Adelaide


    the rug man upholstery

    Upholstery cleaning Adelaide

    The Rug Man Adelaide

    With so many different fibres used for furniture you’ll be pleased to know that The Rug Man is fully trained to clean them all. 

    We Love cleaning Upholstery

    From beautiful white cottons, linen, velvet, wool, suede, micro fibre, leather and many more. We only use Professional Specialised cleaning products that are designed to gently clean safely without damage. 
    Our products are also healthy for your family.

    We inspect areas to be cleaned while explaining the cleaning process and also the products that will best suit your clean.
    We will give you a firm quote and if you are happy we can proceed with the clean.
    Upholstery cleaning Adelaide

    Vacuuming is an important step as we want to remove as much of the fine soiling as we can for a much better clean.

    Professional Cleaning Products 
    We only use the highest quality products available for your furnishings as this gives the best results and helps the fabric stay cleaner longer. 
    Our High quality products are better for your families health, environmentally friendly and do not have heavy sweet fragrances that most of the cheaper products have.
    Clean and fresh, Soft and Healthy
    Your furniture will be clean, fresh and ready to use.

    Cleaned with pride, care, and patience using only the highest quality products.
    Upholstery cleaning Adelaide

    the rug man tile

    Stress Free Cleaning

    We understand that your busy juggling life, work and family so we make cleaning a stress-free experience. 

    Your initial phone call to The Rug Man Adelaide is important and you will be pleased to know you can speak directly with the person who will be cleaning. 

    You can then arrange a convenient day and time that suits your busy schedule where we will always arrive on time. We will carry out an inspection while explaining the cleaning process that suits the style and fibre and answer any questions you may have. 

    We give you a firm quote and if you are happy we can start our Professional Cleaning Process. Precious rugs cannot be cleaned in your home they require time and patience !

    Don’t worry well help move your furniture that’s all part of our service, we will also help you put it back again when we return your freshly cleaned rug. 

    the rug man thumbs up

    Your Guarantee

    Customer satisfaction is our top priority. 
    The Rug Man Adelaide fully guarantees all work for your complete peace of mind.

    We want you to be 100% happy

    One of the best cleans you’ve ever seen

    The Rug 
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    the rug man testimonial


    “When red wine was accidentally spilled on my great grandmother’s chaise lounge we didn’t know what to do. We called several people who would not even touch it. I assumed we would just have to recover it. I’m over the moon and really impressed”

     – Mrs S. Unley Park

    “We had no idea who to trust with our family heirloom over 100 years old. That was until someone told me about you. Amazingly beautiful job. We cannot thank you enough. Thank you for your patience”

     – Mrs B. Springfield

    “Wow, wow and wow. Absolutely amazing, our expensive Persian rugs have been brought back to life again. My friends think I bought new rugs ! Thank you.” 

    – Mrs O. Somerton

    Professional Rug cleaning Adelaide, Carpet cleaning Adelaide, Upholstery cleaning Adelaide 
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